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23 March 2005

Twenty-third March, Twenty o'Five

Ugh- a full day of Pacific Northwest History. I cannot express my disgust. Actually, it hasn't been all that bad, especially since I've started being more creative is my BS-ing. In reality that's what this class is: a bunch of stuff I spend hours of my day writing just to please an Associate Professor in Women's Studies. How corny is that?

Anyway, the more I get done the more satisfaction I have. Soon I'll be reading Narcissa Whitman's biography and writing a little review, which isn't a bad thing at all. Then again, it's sucking up my entire Spring Break (and then some). All the same, it's my fault for procrastinating ever since September. Maybe I will learn a little lesson from it all... Nah- I must admit, I love procrastinating. And when I pull off ok grades in the end it kinda reinforces my behavior. But that's psychology and we don't want to go there. At least I don't. If you do, let me know.

Hmmm, so what's up with life? Not much. For some reason I'm addicted to blogging though, so I always come back, even when I've nothing of the least importance to write! And, although I swore I wouldn't blog from this computer (my Dad's nasty slow machine), I had to endulge myself after a long, though not terribly hard day.

Perhaps I really am a writer after all and just haven't the discipline to harness my "gift."


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