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18 March 2005

The end of Winter Quarter...

Woohoo! It's finally over! I finished my last final (psych) about a 1/2 hour ago, and boy is it nice to get that off my shoulders! Now all I have to do is anxiously wait for the posting of grades. That always makes me very nervous.

Why is it that whenever I sit down to write all my ideas fly away and suddenly desert me? Honestly. After blogging a bunch of crap yesterday, I was walking across campus to the theatre building and was veritably flooded with thoughts. But of course I can't find them when I take the time to blog. My thoughts are so elusive! But perhaps that's why I'm taking the time to write at all- so that I can learn to organize and hold onto my random inspirations. Then perhaps they'll gradually de-randomize and evolve (I cringe at using that word) into something of ordered beauty. And, in the end, when I finally do have something grand to say, I will have the skills do express it with glorious clarity. At least that's the goal.

But, once again, my thoughts have gone elsewhere "...and I've got nothing to say..." Sorry, just a little quote from an Avril Lavigne song ;) So you see how distracted I am today! Maybe it's all the stuff from this quarter that's clogging my mind. Strange that what's called "knowledge" or "education" so often is the opposite- a barrier to creativity and productivity. Though that could very well just be the problem with the modern education system.

Anyway, I think I better publish this post before the computer malfunctions and erases all my work *again*. Will write more when I have a bright idea and the motivation to blog.


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