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17 March 2005

St. Patrick's Day 2005

Well, after all my enthusiaism about blogging I seem to be very inconsistent in writing. And I honestly have no reason considering how much free time I've had over the past week or so. I must try to update more frequently...

Jeremiah came home from WSU on Friday- he's already on Spring Break. He brought his beloved X-box with him, so needless to say we spent the weekend watching movies. Oh, and I played Halo 2 for the first time ever (not that I've ever played Halo 1 before). Anyway, we watched Mona Lisa Smile, Bruce Almighty, Me, Myself, and Irene, and Liar Liar. I think I've had enough Jim Carrey to last me a couple months! None of them were "phenomenal" movies, although each had it's redeeming qualities (minus Me, Myself, and Irene which was just plain crass).

Other than that all I've been doing is a little studying and some baking. The networking class at the high school is very dull at present; all we've done so far in read about internet connections, etc. and worked a little with binary and hexadecimal (which I already knew). But I really don't know a lot about computers so I'm sure I'll learn some new stuff in the class. I'll just have to keep reading :)

And speaking of reading, that's how I've been spending a lot of my time- reading other people's blogs. Not even people I know well, just remote acquiantances, friends of friends and such. I never even leave comments- I just like to read about other people's lives for some reason. I wonder whether I'm the only "silent listener" out there. And one links to another of course, so I often get caught up in a web of blogs. But I guess that's the point.


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