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22 March 2005

Feast or Famine

That's basically what my blogging's like. And my life in general. But hey, you can only expect me to blog so much when I'm trying desperately to finish my Northwest History class work before the deadline (April 1st). I've got 2 more units to do- approx. 10 pages of writing a piece- 3 book reviews, and a final. Think I can do it? I'm sure I can, though it certainly won't be quality work! And these are the terribly boring chapters on the labor movement, etc. *sigh of desperation*

And, since I've been working on that all morning, I'm seriously braindead right now. Just thought I'd take a little break and update the old blog; I can't completely abandon it! Then again, I get pretty frustrated with people who don't write regularly (meaning every day) so maybe I should try living up to my own standard. But, for the moment at least, blogging must be considered a distraction from my studies. Besides, I don't have anything profound to say and I'm babbling even now...

I want some more comments!!!


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