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03 March 2005

First Post

Wow! My very first blog...and I just realized I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing! Well, I'll keep going and hope everything turns out properly. This is, after all, my trial run, so there's bound to be errors along the way. It's only a question of how many and how often ;)

Anyway, this is now my online journal. Hopefully a few people will check it out so I can get some feedback, etc. I would also like to post some of my writing (mostly old stuff- only new if I grasp a fleeting inspiration) for comments and critique. It would also be great to get a little literary discussion going, even though I haven't read much lately because of classes and all the rest.

But I'll cut this first post short so I don't bore you before the blog really gets off the ground. You'll notice I tend to ramble if I don't have something definite to discuss.


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