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04 March 2005

Thoughts I decided to write again today, even though no one has made an effort to read my first posts :( Of course, that's mostly because the blog's only been up for about 24 hours and none of my friends really care for computerized journals. And because I haven't told anyone yet except my little brother... Anyway, I'm feeling chatty, so be forewarned that this could be a very loooooooooong post.

I came up with a better title for my blog- Profound Trivialities. But, as I don't know how to change the title, I'll have to be content with Of Elves and Eldils. Incidentally, the latter title was drawn staight from Richard Purtill's book "Lord of the Elves and Eldils." I perused that book back in November/December when I was writing my big Tolkien research paper (boy am I glad that's over!). If you're interested, it's a pretty good comparison of the philosophy/theology of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien. Most intriguing- that is, if you're a fantasy freak like me.

But no more about boring old research papers; I don't think anyone honestly cares to hear the complaints of English 201 class! Right now I'm in the Library, as usual, and completely blanking on what I wanted to write...I know I had something semi-important to say, but now it's gone. To much rambling in my introductory paragraphs I suppose. I should be taking my online Psychology quiz right now considering that the site goes down at 1:00, but then again that's what I said yesterday at the same time. I am such a procrastinator (you never would have guessed...)

Oooo, last night I went to a theatrical production here on campus- it was called "The Visit" (errrr! how are you supposed to underline the title properly when there is no underline key???). I think the play itself was pretty good- as to plot, etc.- but the acting was definitely not very high quality. Of course, the main actress, who's in my Theatre class, was convincing; but most of the other actors did a sub-standard job. Then again, the plot could have been a lot stronger if the ending wasn't so depressing as it was. Not to say that all depressing or serious endings are bad- those are usually my favorite kind because they're not as shallow as some comedic endings. But had the main character been allowed to live at the mercy of the town, the impact would be much more redeeming. A lot many much more :) As it was, the town betrayed this man for money, supposedly to attain "justice." I think the true justice in "The Merchant of Venice" is a better than the cruel, letter-of-the-law "justice" in "The Visit."

So, there are some of my random thoughts of the day. I really hope they're not too confusing. However, this blog really is for practicing my writing, so maybe with time I (and it) will improve!

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