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30 March 2005

I'm feeling wordy tonight...

Though I'm not sure that's good or bad. About that last post...ok, so it was kinda wierd...really wierd, but it was one of those spontaneous things that come over me every once in a long while. And since nobody reads this, I may as well just put my wierdness down in writing ;)

Grrrr! Much more homework than expected this quarter. I half enjoy it, I'll reluctantly admitt, though sometimes I work on the "wrong"/non-priority stuff just to have an excuse for putting off the old busy work. We're in college for heaven's sake! Where does the triviality end? Hopefully before graduate school!?! Else I might go insane- or have I already?

Woke up this morning and thought it'd be a pretty nice day. Very nearly wore flip-flops. The sun was out, even if it was cold. Anyway, after spending an inordinate amount of time in the computer lab, I had to rush off to my class at the high school. And, somehow, very providentially it seems to me, a brief hail storm escorted me all the way and miraculously quit just as I entered the building. 15 minutes of tempestuousness (is that a word? it is now), and timed exactly with my sojourn to the high school. Amazing how that works. At first I was a bit irked- a nasty and childish trick, I thought. But then again, it was kind of...refreshing for me. Cleared all the stress and hastiness out of my system. So, while I still think it was Providential, it was Providential in a good sort of way as well. A reminder.

Sometimes spontaneity is nice. Y


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