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13 February 2006

Ah, Portland

Back from the weekend's redezvous in Portland for regionals. Tragically, though not unexpectedly, my team didn't make it to nationals. I must admit, I had secretly hoped we'd make it- even if we are all inexperienced freshmen- because the freshman team went last year over the sophomore/junior team. This year, though, neither made it, so I don't feel quite so bad.

Anyway, the tournament wasn't a total loss—it’s also worth mentioning that Gonzaga received a total of 4 attorney awards as well as 3 for witnesses. So 7 out of the 28 individual awards given at regionals. Not bad. And 4 for freshman team 616!

Alas, it's all over now. Oh Case Binder, you are so forlorn! But we still have practices, just not nearly as serious as they were before. In all honesty, it will be a refreshing change- social interaction minus the INSANE STRESS.

Haha, and I am now Facebook friends with a random brilliant Stanford attorney.


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