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18 October 2005

This Too Shall Pass

I find myself amazed that I actually have not only the motivation to sit sit down and blog, but also the TIME. This is mostly because midterms have come in, with moderate success:

New Testament~ 94%
Philosophy~ 100% (Rhetorical Question: why am I not ecstatic?)
Music History~ 98%
Western Civ~ 87%
Spanish~ Yet To Be Determined 94%

Strangely enough, it's that 87 that thrills me most. And the Yet To Be Determined that makes MADE me lose sleep.

But to return to the issue of time... What's really odd is that it no longer seems to pass linearly. I've lost all sense of proportion. This happened once before: right at the end of summer, as I recall. Back in late August, when I was lamenting how quickly the summer had passed, I came to realize that my perception of time had changed...radically (as clichéd as that word is, I can't seem find a more appropriate one). My mind stretched hours into days, and shortened weeks into only moments. Now again, I have lost the ability to judge the passage of time. When I think of the hours I have in a given day, they either fly away with startling rapidity, or else drag themselves mercilessly through my existence. And I can never know in advance which it will be.

This leads to an even deeper problem (or shall I say "quandry"?): I can no longer plan my day with much precision. And I am- or used to be- a very precise person. Now I am forced to take every moment captive, to harness my wandering mind, to buckle down and accomplish even the smallest of tasks in the time I am allotted. Much as I long to return to the days of the fixed schedule, I must learn to function, nay to excel within my new boundaries. And to be honest, it scares me. Moreso than most change.


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