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29 August 2005

Monday Morning

Getting up early definitely has its you a few minutes of solitude (or near-solitude) before the mundane hurry-scurry of the day begins. And there are times where that interlude of silence is just bracing enough to get one through the next 12-15 hours of constant (but often unnecessary) activity. I sure hope it does today.

It feels so odd, knowing that on any normal day I would be buzzing around at work by now, either running frantically from task to task in attempt to keep up with the busy Monday pace, or perhaps more frantically looking for something, anything, to do on one of those anomalistic Mondays. I miss it; not the individual (and often unpleasant) tasks, not the frenzied pace, but the inherent satisfaction that comes from doing a job- and doing it well. I miss the motivation to be "early to bed and early to rise." And most of all, I miss the sense on completion at the end of a long day.

Needless to say, "college life" is not what I had expected. Granted, I haven't started classes yet...but after 3 days of "orientation" I'm a bit exhausted from all the silly activities. I just don't understand why they think a weekend of chaos and late nights will prepare 900 freshman for the academic year. This is college, not summer camp, after all.


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