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06 June 2005

Ne quid Nimis

My goodness! It's the end of the quarter already-- I'm not sure I'll be able to endure a full 3 months without books... Then again, what's the summer for if not excessive "recreational" reading?

I've decided not to study for finals this quarter :) I'm just a little burnt out with studying at the moment.

"According to this conception dergrees of value are objectively present in the Universe. Everything except God has some natural superior; everything except unformed matter has some natural inferior. The goodness, happiness, and dignity of every being consists in obeying its natural superior and ruling its natural inferiors." ~C.S. Lewis

"The medievalist thinks of our entire existence as a dance, in which some bow and some curtsey, some play the music and some dance, some laugh in gladness and some try to flatter the ladies. The irony, the last being first and all that, is that when a man finds a lowly station in cheerful obedience, he acquires in this great dignity. He knows what he is supposed to do in the dance, and he is happy to do it. In the medieval world, a simple stable hand could be content with his station. Today a union member glares at mangement and calls it his moral duty." ~Wilson and Jones 167



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