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07 June 2005

Random Post of the Day

Here are some of my random thoughts, in no particular order at all…

My last few posts have been conspicuously lacking in comments.

I’ve found Erasmus quite boring, so I’ve given Praise of Folly up for Dorothy Sayers, who is much more engaging. I’m sure Erasmus is very dutiful to Ad Herennium, but his oration is unbearably structured—there’s no poetry to it.

I have 8 windows open on the computer right now.

It’s very weird to blog about Erasmus and Sayers while listening to the song Mockingbird.

The word “blog” isn’t even in Word’s spell check/dictionary.

I ought to be studying my Philosophy right now, or even Spanish considering my final’s today.

This could likely be my last post for a long while; summer is better spent with books than with the computer.


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