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01 June 2005

Neglecting Nietzsche

More quotes...I finished Angels in the Architecture over the long weekend. Other than that and an insane sunburn (only on my back), the weekend was fairly uneventful. Hooray for finals! Wait- that means I've been blogging for a whole quarter!

"For some time now we have hyped the importance of having 'contemporary' and 'relevant' Christianity and have done so to the point where we have almost emptied the faith of its historic and orthodox content" (Jones & Wilson 97).

"Modernity has abandoned the household gods, not because we have rejected the idolatry as all Christians must, but because we have rejected the very idea of household [...] If our rejection of the old idols was Christian repentance, God would bless it, but what is actually happening is that we are sinking below the level of the ancient pagans" (Jones & Wilson 117).

"A rebellious city is not a place of peace, of Sabbath. It is in constant movement, unending work. It rejects the rhythms and seasons of God and imposes its own exhausting drone and sleepless flow of electricity and wheels. It is no place for silence. Silence is terrifying; it reveals our bitter sin. The rebellious demand constant background noise as a shield from God. It provides diversion from their souls..." (Jones & Wilson 135).

And, especially regarding my previous comments about Plato's Republic:
"The truth is that even a non-tyrannical king or president is a sign of our lack of self-control. The existence of civil authorities should always be a reminder that we are so immature as a people that we cannot live our lives peacefully on our own in submission to the divine commands. Every kingly, presidential, or prime-ministerial seal should bear the inscription 'They have not rejected thee; but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them' (I Sam. 8:7). There have been godly kings, kings with whom God has been pleased [...] yet the goal should be 'no king but Christ'" (Jones & Wilson 152).



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